Social – Emotional Development

Children need a combination of intellectual skills, motivational qualities, and socio-emotional skills to succeed in school. They must be able to understand the feelings of others, control their own feelings and behaviors, and get along with their friends and Caregiver. Children need to be able to cooperate, follow directions, demonstrate self-control, and “pay attention.”

Unfortunately, many preschoolers do not fully support their social and emotional development. It is important for preschoolers to gain their social and emotional development in their earliest years. Kindergarten teachers say that about 15% of preschoolers entering kindergarten do not yet have the necessary social and emotional skills to be “ready” for school.

When children are young, the adults around them (parents, other adult caregivers, preschool teachers) are the most important influences on their social and emotional development. High-quality preschool education can support early development in ways that yield long-term social and emotional benefits. A significant part of the long-term economic pay-off to public investments in high-quality preschool programs can come from their social outcomes, including the prevention of crime and delinquency.

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