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State Lawmakers Weigh Ongoing Child Care Across Indiana

Some 763 licensed child care centers are open across the state, according to Indiana‛s Family and Social Services Administration

(FSSA). The state has issued licenses to another 2,144 home care providers. John Niederman with the Fortitude Fund, which provides grants to entrepreneurs in Northeast Indiana, said “it‛s critical” for Indiana to adopt more flexible policies that make child care a more “attractive” and “viable business opportunity.”

Doing so will increase the number of smaller child care operations, which are often most desired by parents — and are cost effective.

“We have a situation where there‛s a demand for small sites, and it‛s growing, but the supply of the small sites is diminishing,” Niederman said, advocating for lawmakers to make it easier and faster for small child care operators to get licensed.

(Via The Indiana Capital Chronicle)

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