The Top Social Skills Your Child Needs to Learn for Kindergarten

1. Being Independent – However, it’s still important to start instilling this type of skill now. When your child goes off to kindergarten, while they will be under the guidance of teachers, they will also be their own entity. This means that there will be times where they’ll need to make their own decisions. Through this skill, they can also learn to take risks while being safe.


2. Express Their Feelings – One of the top social skills that children need to learn as they prepare to go to kindergarten is to be able to express themselves through their words. They’ll need to be able to articulate their feelings and needs so that others can understand them, and they can return the favor.

3. Sharing with Others – This might sound like nothing more than common sense, but when your child enters an environment like kindergarten, they’ll need to know how to share and use kind words when talking to others. However, they’ll find kindergarten a lot easier if they learn that sharing is important, and something they’ll be required to do quite a lot.

4. Understanding That There are Consequences – In a kindergarten setting, your child is going to come up against peers that they like, and others that they don’t get along with so well. If this occurs, it’ll be important for your child to know the difference between right and wrong. It is also important that they know that there are consequences when we do bad things. If they call someone a name, they’ll be a consequence – which they can learn from. If they have this skill, they will be able to navigate playing with others a bit better.

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