Be Prepared for Anything!

It seems like accidents always happen when you least expect them. Providers have to expect the unexpected by keeping a First Aid kit handy. No daycare center, ministry or home is supposed to operate without one. It should be kept visible to anyone working in a daycare setting. The supplies in the kit are supposed to be updated regularly.

What some people don’t know is that all first aid kit is supposed to be equipped with a First Aid and CPR manual. Most kits don’t come with a manual so you have buy one, get on from a First Aid or CPR class or any Red Cross agencies among some places.

Prevention is cheap, quick and easy. Whether it is your home, school, office or car, the Red Cross has developed
a product to keep you safe. No daycare should be without a First Aid and Disaster kits. The Red Cross has a full assortment of First Aid and Disaster Preparedness Kits from small student carry kits to large systems to prepare hundreds of people in any situation.

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