One on One Relationship with each Child

Every child in my care is unique and special, so I take special care to build secure attachments with each child. Some of the ways that I “tune in” to each child is by spending some “special time” with each child, each day. (“Special time” can be a conversation, play, and feeding, changing, or getting ready for a nap. The important thing is that the child has my full and undivided attention, and that I am completely accepting of the child and his/her feelings.

I observe each child carefully over time. I try to learn his or her unique “signals.” I also share and discuss my observations with you about how your child is feeling and about the child’s relationships with others. I try to plan my daily routine so that there are some opportunities for you and me to have a brief conversation that is relaxed, unhurried, and unstructured either at drop off or pick up times. I make it an important goal to develop an open, positive relationship with each you, because if you and I have a good relationship than so will the child and I.

The best thing about being the only adult the children come in contact with during the day is this limits the number of adults each child has to get to know and interact with on a daily basis. Keeping group sizes as small as possible will give me the chance to know and develop a secure relationship with each child. If ever there is a time, when I’m feeling positive about my relationship with a child, or when the child seems insecure, I will tell you my feelings and ask your help in correcting this situation.

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