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One on One Relationship with you child

Every child is unique and special, so you should take special care to build secure attachments with your child. Some of the ways is by spending some “special time” with your child each day. “Special time” can be a conversation at play, or getting ready for bedtime. The important thing is that your child has your full and undivided attention, and that you are completely accepting of your child’s his/her feelings.

Love and observe your child carefully over time. Learn his/her unique “signals.” If your child can verbally communicate with you, ask your child to share and discuss how he/she is feeling about you, and about his/her relationships with others. Try to plan a daily routine so that there are some opportunities for you and your child to have a conversation that is relaxed, unhurried, and unstructured.

Make it an important goal to develop an open, positive relationship with your child.

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